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As I was driving down Cerrillos this afternoon, I saw a Cloud Cliff Bakery truck. My partner rolled down the window and said, "It really sucks that you're closing" to which the girl replied, "I talked him into staying open! We are not closing!"

So, we shall see whether they close or not...
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I guess I should read the paper:
Bakery nixes closure rumor

Andree Falls, owner of Santa Fe's Sage Bakehouse, said Wednesday that her business is struggling with the same cost issues that recently helped cause Cloud Cliff Bakery to close its doors after 25 years.

However, Falls shot down a rumor about the imminent closing of her Cerrillos Road business, which also sells bread through local groceries and supplies local restaurants.

"We are on very solid ground and are absolutely — in no way, no sense — in any sort of danger of closing," she said.

The rising price of wheat worldwide — and the impact that's having on the price consumers pay for bread, bagels, pasta, pizza and other wheat-based staples in the grocery store — is making news daily. A recent report says the price of flour has more than doubled in the last few months.

Falls said Sage has a yearly contract for flour and has been watching wheat prices closely.