o.O (maistyle) wrote in fanta_se,

speeding ticket

i know the down low about speeding tickets for cali--but my friend just got one for new mexico.
i say fight it--is thre any websites about the speeding ticket and how to fight it for new mexico??

i'm specially looking for the written trial kind--if NM has them..

thanks in advance.

i just read that there isn't a written trial for new mexico state. boo.
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February 4 2009, 01:51:11 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  February 4 2009, 01:58:37 UTC

We've got enough asshole drivers around here without someone trying to sneak past speeding tickets.

Unless it came from a traffic camera. Then carry on, don't pay attention to me.
my friend ain't an ass hole driver.
the polcice car was going the other way and saw him going faster than a truck.. the busted a U and busted him.. for i don't know what the hell.
you can't use a radar on the other side, that is just bs and it's all about the relative speed.

he said he'll pay, but i don't believe he should even got the ticket, that's why i am insisting him to fight it.

in san diego, they just installed three billion more of those traffic cameras.. YYAAY..

Fair enough. The way you phrased it in your original post made it sound, to me, like he should have gotten the ticket and you were looking for a way for him to dodge it. Sorry to come off so rough.

Those traffic cameras are an odd idea; they've been proven to make driving _less_ safe in some study or another.
well, i think we should fight all tickets... even if it's you're caught dead speeding or running a red light. if you read through the books, there is always another law said something against the law that you broke. the whole system is flawed, but it can save you a couple hundred of bucks. (; plus, there are too many ass hole cops around. -.-

i read in NM, there isn't a written by declaration--so you actually have to physically contest in court. which is lame because he's relocating in texas for a new job.

in AZ, they have the traffic speeding cameras on the freeways. omg.. i got snapped twice--but none of the pictures got mailed to my house yet. well, i thought it snapped me..... sniff. people do drive recklessly, but thank goodness the insurance are going reap our declining in come.

on another note, your sn is awesome. haha.. circumfernece. i just had to write a program for that in c++.