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Sun Mountain Gathering, this Saturday, 10/3

Santa Fe, NM—Sun Mountain Gathering, a unique cultural celebration for all ages, returns to the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture on Saturday, October 3, 2009 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. Geared to families and free to the public, this annual favorite is filled with activities such as pump drills, painting, spear throwing, and pottery making.

Sun Mountain Gathering is a celebration of Southwestern archaeology and over 12,000 years of cultural heritage in New Mexico. The Ice Mountain Dancers from Ohkay Owinge (Noon and 1pm) and Tewa/Hopi singer-songwriter Ed Kabotie (2 and 3pm) will perform on Milner Plaza.

Sun Mountain Gathering has activities for every age and interest. Visitors can learn about archaeology and the ancient technology and traditional arts of Native peoples in the Southwest. Exhibits on archaeology and native foods are planned, along with demonstrations of Native crafts, including pottery making, flint-knapping, fire-starting, traditional gardening, and a mock archaeology dig, to name just a few. Visitors will also have an opportunity to learn about traditional arts by trying their hand at forming a coiled pot, making rope from yucca, making bone tools, painting with a yucca brush or using a traditional pump drill.

Pueblo Potters Robert Tenorio (Santo Domingo) and Ulysses Reid (Zia) will demonstrate two different styles of traditional pottery firing.

Representatives of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary will be returning to the Sun Mountain Gathering again this year, affording participants with an opportunity to see and pet a real wolf. Burros and birds will also be among the menagerie and available for inspection by the curious.

Another main attraction is the Atlatl Range. The atlatl and dart were the first true and natural weapons system of the human race, invented thousands of years before the bow and arrow and used longer by humans than any other weapon system yet developed. Festival visitors may stop by the Atlatl Range to try their hand at spear throwing using replicas of prehistoric atlatls.

Admission to Sun Mountain is Free.

The Museum of Indian Arts & Culture/Laboratory of Anthropology is located in Santa Fe on Museum Hill off Old Santa Fe Trail.

For more information about Sun Mountain Gathering the public may call 505-476-1250.
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